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"Egg is one of the most nutritious food money can buy. Eggs provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, and are also an excellent source of high-quality proteins".


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Towards healthy life...

Mr.V.Subramaniam, the founder of the Vangili group of companies is an agriculturalist.  He wanted to start a poultry farm.  At first in the year 1980 he had started a small poultry farm with 500 layer birds and reared them in a small tiled shed.  He sold the eggs in the market in the business name of “VANGILI EGG CENTRE”.Slowly he become developed in his business and now he is one of the big industrialists in the poultry field in Namakkal by having Two Feed mill units; Two Commercial Layer Farms; Two Broiler Breeder Farms and a hatchery unit, and rearing about 700000 commercial Broiler Birds in various integrated forms.
M/S. VANGILI FEEDS is a partnership concern consisting of Mr.V.Subramaniam and S.Selvi. This firm is started in the year 1989. The firm is duly registered with the Registrar of Firms; Namakkal The   unit is a Small Scale Industrial unit and also duly registered with the Director of Industries & commerce., TamilNadu.


Now the unit is engaged in the manufacturing of Poultry feed. Since Namakkal is popularly famous for poultry business, then there is a continuous demand for the feed. We are one among the few big feed manufacturing units in Namakkal. Our production capacity is around 6000 Tons per month, and our feed is having good reputation in the market. Also our unit is working in a good & profitable manner for the past 21 years without any set back (or) interruptions.

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Mr. V. Subramaniam is the managing Partner and Mrs. S.Selvi is the other partner. They both are having very good experience in the poultry business.

Mr. V. Subramaniam : Mr. V. Subramaniam , S/o. Vangili Gounder, aged about 52 years, is the managing partner of the firm. He is a well-known personality in the poultry circle. He has been in the Poultry industry for more than two decades. His pioneer efforts were in manufacturing of Poultry Feed, Broiler integration and marketing. He is having a very good knowledge and experience in commercial Layer & Broiler poultry farming, Breeder Parent farming & maintaining and running a Hatchery unit. Besides his own vocation he contributes much more for the growth of poultry industry in Namakkal. He hold various positions in various organisations which are formed for the promotion of Poultry industry, like  National Egg Co-Ordination Committee, Namakkal Zone.,  Broiler Co-ordination Committee,   Namakkal zone poultry feed & egg producers Association, etc.  Now he is an executive member in the “TamilNadu Livestock Development Agency” formed by the Government of TamilNadu.



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